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What is the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens?

We are a rgistered charity which supports, represents and promotes community-managed farms, gardens, allotments and other green spaces, creating opportunities for local communities to grow.

We work with these community groups to help empower local people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to build better communities, often in deprived areas, and to make a positive impact on their surrounding environment. Our work contributes to creating better communities across the UK in both urban and isolated rural areas.

We also provide the national face of the community farm and garden movement, promoting its work and raising its profile with decision-makers, funders, the public and the media. We have forged a number of strong partnerships with other organisations in areas such as allotments, school farms and care farming.


Who do we support and represent?

Community-managed groups working with people, animals and plants. We represent nearly 200 city and school farms, more than 1,000 community gardens, a growing number of community-managed allotments and an estimated 200 city farms and community gardens in development.

Between them our members employ around 550 people, engage and empower thousands of volunteers and attract over three million visitors each year. Their estimated combined annual turnover is over £40 million.

These are groups set up by local people, run by local people and primarily for the benefit of local people. They are usually established in response to a lack of access to green space combined with a desire to encourage strong community relationships and an awareness of farming and gardening.

The groups we represent are incredibly diverse in size and location. They include city and school farms, community gardens and orchards, allotment gardens and just about any other piece of community-managed green space. We also offer our services to any other organisation running a community farm or garden (for example local authorities, schools, trusts, hospitals, housing associations and public buildings).


Who supports us?

We enjoy widespread support from a number of Government departments, regional development organisations and local authorities. In addition, there is support from voluntary sector organisations whose work intersects with ours, as well as a variety of funding organisations. HRH The Prince of Wales is a key supporter and has been our patron since October 2001. International Linksefcflogo FCFCG is a founder member of the European Federation of City Farms, which aims to promote the interests and mutual co-operation of city farms and similar organisations. EFCF is run by volunteers. National and regional city farm federations are the voting members.


Visit www.farmgarden.org.uk for more information.