Created in 2002, Pistes-Solidaires is a non-profit association set up in accordance with the French Association Law (1901).
The objectives of the association include the development of exchanges in the social, cultural, educational and economic realms, which promote personal, social and environmental respect.As an association that practises and promotes popular education, Pistes-Solidaires supports the knowledge, competences and behaviours, which promote justice and equality in an intercultural society and an interdependent world. It intends to increase public awareness of global problems and to demonstrate the potential for change. Furthermore, one of its challenges is to make it possible for people to understand the connections between their lives and those of the entire world.These objectives represent the basis for all the actions that the association develops. The idea is to offer new perspectives to local economy, to be active in current and future demand for responsible consumption and to acknowledge local development as a function of global variables.Pistes-Solidaires is working in the field of mobility in order to allow people, at any age, to meet, learn and share their practices,   passions, ideas and come back changed. Pistes-Solidaires is a hosting, sending and coordinating organisation of European volunteers through the Youth in Action Programme. It coordinates the sending and hosting of around fifteen intercultural exchanges a year. It develops also its collaboration with social workers to allow them to incorporate a European and intercultural dimension to their daily activities.Since 2008, the organisation launched a large thinking/acting process about responsible consumption with the Otesha project, a process, which allowed the organisation to initiate strong local and international partnerships and to go further on this subject today, through urban community gardens. The organisation has, since 2007, developed many projects in the frame of the LLP programme, such as Learning Partnerships on immigration and interculturality, and last year worked on intergenerational dialogue in community gardens. The organisation supervises also Leonardo trainees and coordinates the sending and hosting of senior volunteers on the subject of youth, immigration and responsible consumption since 2010.Pistes Solidaires South West
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