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The Réseau des Jardins Solidaires Méditerranéens, hereafter “RJSM” , is a network which gathers a variety of associative gardens and organisations related to gardens in the South East of France, in the area called Region Provence, Alpes, Côte d’Azur, and in the north of Région Languedoc-Roussillon.

It was initiated after the national conference on community gardens of Nantes, in 1999, by an association named “Les Jardins d’Amelie”.

The aim was to offer to the community gardens of the Mediterranean area place to combine and leverage their experience, their practices and knowledge.
When that association disappeared in 2006 (for financial reasons not related with the network) the different gardens and organisations members of the network decided to not let it down and created a dedicated non for profit association, the actual RJSM.


The objectives of the RJSM, are:

  •   To lead the network of Mediterranean community gardens;
  •   To develop exchanges and the continuous training of its stakeholders;
  •   To promote the existence of community gardens;
  •   To help elaborate on the projects of new gardens;
  •   To support the existing gardens.

The RJSM organisation defines its values in accordance with the “Charte du jardin dans tous ses états” (Charter of the Garden in all its glory) which is a charter adopted by the workgroup “Jardin dans Tous Ses Etats”, a national group of regional organisations/networks of community gardens:
The Charter “Jardin dans Tous ses Etats » :

  • Strengthening social links, where living conditions have contributed to people being driven apart, with no social life, mutual aid or dialogue;
  • Allowing citizens, without cultural, ethnic or social discrimination, to take over and enrich their daily environment;
  • Establishing generous links, as well as being respectful towards our Earth and nature, and acting in a responsible way;
  • Enjoying the pleasures of creating, tasting, sharing, as new forms of freedom and autonomy;

For all these reasons, it seems important to us to declare the right for all, at all ages, to garden.

Each garden is unique but all the gardens of our network recognise themselves in it because they share the same values, based on the respect of human beings, environment and solidarity.

Almost 100 gardens are flourishing on the Mediterranean coast of Southern France, 35 were actual active members of the organisation in 2011.

To this end, the RJSM organizes various activities:

  •   non formal training: “exchanges-meetings”, garden tours, training trips… The participants exchange knowledge and experiences, discover new gardens together. These activities, conducted in a friendly atmosphere and contribute to the development of each of its gardens.
  •   formal training sessions : mainly 2 or 3 days sessions, accessible as part of the continuous professional training and also for volunteers, they aim to allow trainees to complete their projects eg. “Creating and managing a shared Garden,” “Discovery of Therapeutic Horticulture”
  • support to projects: the network can assist stakeholders (e.g. inhabitant communities, social centers, city councils, and other organisations) in creating their garden project.


Réseau des Jardins Solidaires Méditerranéens
4, cours de la République 13350 CHARLEVAL

Tel: (0033) (0) 9 63 24 55 57
Email : contact@reseaujsm.org

Web : www.reseaujsm.org