Gardeniser Trainer Licence

The Gardeniser trainers' licence is a certificate that registers and recognises a certain level of skills and experience required to be able to contribute to training courses (both online and in-presence) concerning the figure of the Gardeniser (Gardeniser Pro), as well as versions dedicated to schools (Gardeniser Edu) and to public officials in charge of governing the phenomenon of community gardens at local level (Gardeniser Gov). The training course for trainers includes 24 hours of activities dedicated to the figure of the trainer and to the contents of the training course for Gardeniser, as well as 40h of practice alongside senior trainers in the implementation of the Gardeniser Pro course.

The licence test consists of several sets of questions. The estimated time to answer all questions is not less than 30 minutes. If the session is interrupted, the database will keep a record of all answers from the completed sets. Once you have returned to the licence, you will be able to continue the session from where you left off. If the licence has been completed and the result is less than 70% of the correct answers, the aspirant trainer can repeat the licence test.