Learning all the time. Keen interest in networking with like minded people & helping to create as many Inter-generational possibilities to enable community led learning & to knit together societal issues via intercultural discussions & exchanges in community green spaces. The long term sustainability & Organisational Management of projects is pivotal to me, within the community.

Ex-Hospitality Industry professional now supporting various projects with my green fingers! within London Community Gardeners. Environmentalist with Ocean Rebellion. If the sea dies, we do too & the link with the Bees is exactly the same. Fond of endemic plants & well as native UK plants. I have experience in troubleshooting, supporting & helping to redefine concepts, leading drives for people engagement & evaluating through public consultations. As a person of colour somewhat under-represented in these settings, I would like to help inspire the next generation of gardeners & gardenisers, simply with my presence, leadership skills & further through defined fun workshops. I volunteer as much as I can in local community gardens in London so I can continue my learning & share what little I already know. 

In the future, I Hope to create greening community formats & models ((based on the western model) to introduce into the Southern African region (where growing food has an aged honed individualistic approach and serves primarily as a main source of income to the majority of farmers) in the near future. With climate change, this area & many similar regions of the world are facing many challenges unopposed by their governing structures, leaving farmers to fend for themselves. Lack of training, supporting bodies & resources. Many 'free to attend' workshops we put on for communities in the west, would have to be paid for in this region. Accessibility to training is an issue, so is the local advice on the prolonged use of manufactured fertilizers. Pesticide use per capita, on some of the smaller islands is among the highest in the world. These products are made within the EU, but banned for use in the EU - however available for export to the third world. A welcome challenge & thank you for any advice or support in advance.

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