Gardeniser EDU (EN, online)

Training Date
Start time
4.30 pm
End time
6.30 pm

About Cultivating Schools

This is a comprehensive course on gardening and keeping aninmals in Educational Settings to enable learning and wellbeing. 

We will explore perspective of learning through using the garden/farm setting in teaching/schools.

The course covers:

  • The philosophy behind growing and animal care activities in schools.
  • Identifying the need in your setting. 
  • Building connections.Getting to know your stakeholders, your school, your community, and the bigger picture. Working with managers, organisations, and volunteers. 
  • Supporting social, emotional and mental health.
  • Designing sustainable and nurturing spaces.
  • Creating a project that is valued and vital.
  • The practicalities of working with schools and other education settings.
  • Developing and growing your project assets.

 There will be associated homework assigned each week which will be quite practical in nature and can be produced using written work, videos, pictures, drawings etc. The homework will allow you to explore further the topics we discuss in the classroom and give you a chance to use what you have learned in your setting. 

Some of the key activities in the homework will include:

• Visit (or virtually visit) to farm and garden projects to take ideas that might be used in your setting

• Planning around core outcomes in a school or teaching setting

•Finding and working with stakeholders effectively

The course is open to students across the UK and Europe and will be delivered in English. 

Forthcoming UK course dates and full details on how to apply will be available on the Growing Connections website:


Course Delivery

Growing Connections CIC


Key Information

The course will be delivered as:

8 x 2 hour online sessions totaling 16 hours

Homework will be set to support learning, totaling approximately 16 hours

This course is for adults only and you must be 18 years or older.

You will need to be involved either with a school garden or farm or demonstrate you have some knowledge or understanding of these kinds of outdoor spaces.

Learners will need to attend all sessions and all set homework.

On successful completion of the course and homework, learners will receive a continuous professional development certificate confirming that they have completed the course.


Next course:


Online training using Zoom will commence 05-03-2024 and finish 07-05-2024

Cost: £225, £199 for Growing Connection members


United Kingdom