Gardeniser HUB: Training for Trainers (Austria - English language)

Training Date
Start time
End time

December 5th - 7th, 2022

Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday: 9.30 am - 5 pm 

Seminar Zentrum, Maroltingergasse 63, 1160 Wien 

180,- EUR regular / 100,- EUR social tariff 


Gardeniser Pro course.



Heidi Seary (Social Farms & Gardens)


Training course objective: 

Learners will understand all 3 modules of Gardeniser Pro course and can then attain a Gardeniser Trainers Licence. This license recognizes a level of competencies and abilities that qualifies to be a Gardeniser Trainer associated with one of the partners who can deliver the training (Replay Network aps, Pistes Solidaires, Social Farms and Gardens, Gartenpolylog).



After the classroom training is done the learners will need to do an internship by delivering 40 hours of either face-to-face or online training of Gardeniser Pro with the guidance of a lead partner. The hours required are a combination of preparing for the course as well as delivering modules in Gardeniser Pro




Course Agenda:


Day 1
How training can best be delivered to ensure effective learning
Training units on:
1. How we learn- methods, preferences, training aids, stages of learning
2. Factors that influence learning, Creating a good climate for learning
3. Setting ground rules
4. Good communication
5. Evaluation and feedback

Day 2  
How to structure and design training sessions that are interesting, relevant, and stimulating.
1. Good lesson planning
2. Resources
3. The importance of homework and the internship and the test
4. A run-through of all the units (4) that make up Module 1 to understand how to train each unit that needs to be delivered
Gardeniser Pro - Module 1 (What is a community garden/city farm/care farm. History of the community garden/farm sector and consulting the community. Finding the right site. Designing your site). 

Day 3
Going through the Gardeniser Pro course modules in detail.

Focus on Gardeniser Pro-Module 2 and 3 (Module 2: Volunteering. Induction, training and retaining volunteers. Techniques to support people and well-being on the site. Negotiation and building connection) (Module 3: Financial sustainability. Action Planning. Health check of your organisation. Importance of evaluation). 



The Gardeniser program uses the ECVET system which is the European credit system for vocational education and training (ECVET), using flexible and individualized learning pathways.



Seminar Zentrum, Maroltingergasse 63
1160 Wien