GARDENISER PRO: training for Gardenisers (UK)

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Gardeniser Pro

The Gardenisers work through a 40 hour training course over with class time as well as practical activities. Training objectives, modules, units and learning achievements are expressed following the criteria established by the ECVET system. They then go on to do a further 40 hours practical internship to complete the course. The time within the internship is used to develop knowledge, competencies, and skills which will be gained by the trainee Gardenisers during the local professional training course and can then be put into practice.

The Gardeniser course, implemented within the Gardeniser Hub project, is made up of a number of learning units which include:

  • Understanding the concept and main characteristics of shared community garden, its history, types, and common values
  • Negotiation and Mediation
  •  Finding the right site for your Project
  •  Designing your project
  • Job description for a Gardeniser
  • Rules and policies in the garden
  • How to organise activities in the garden
  • Volunteer and staff styles
  • Seasonal Wheel, planning what to plant and when
  • Working with people with physical disabilities
  • The emotional side: Looking after yourself, staff, volunteers and visitors people in the garden
  • Understanding the main contributions/ challenges in working with volunteers
  • Understanding Volunteers needs
  • Recruiting Volunteers
  • The induction process for Volunteers
  • Understanding the Costs of a Garden
  • Creating an action plan for your community garden
  • Garden visit to see how income is brought in-visit
  • Evaluation as a process
  • Quick evaluation
  • Health Check of an organisation

The course is delivered by Social farms & Gardens staff and partners. SF&G is currently an accredited training provider with the British Accreditation Council.


United Kingdom