Ecohuerta Fundacuda

Carrera 76A # 26-1
Medellin, ANT,


Esta huerta nace por iniciativa de la Fundación cultivos de amor para ser una huerta demostrativa ante la comunidad, mostrando una perspectiva diferente a lo tradicional, dejando a un lado la aplicación de pesticidas, volviendo a la agricultura orgánica.
How big is the garden
100 m²
In which year did the garden start?
How many people are usually attending the urban garden?
The land on which the garden is located is...
Rented by the group from a Public Authority
How the urban garden is organised
Collective plots
Who can make use of the urban garden
General public on certain days/events
What category(ies) do the users of the urban garden fall into?
General public
Older people/ Third Age
Parent/carer and toddler groups
Physically disabled people
Visiting school or college groups
Do you run any training in your garden?
What training do you offer?
Engaging the community
Horticultural training (how to grow, different models, etc)
Working with disadvantaged groups
Please tick any of the listed facilities that are available at the urban garden.
Picnic Area
Building on site
Indoors community space
Outdoors community space
Growing space
Kitchen/cooking facilities
Classroom/training space
Drinking Water
What are the main activities realized in the urban garden?
Amenity for local community
Community composting/recycling
Community development
Herbs for healing
Horticultural training
Social inclusion
Special needs work
Spiritual well being
Visitor attraction
Working with disabilities
Access conditions/facilities
Public Transport
Parking near to the urban garden
Please select what public transport is available
Reconnect people with the land
Educating on environmental issues
Teach others to grow food
Intergenerational dialogue