Trainer Profile

The basic competences of a Gardeniser Trainer are:

  • Having passed a Gardeniser Pro training course and obtained a Gardeniser Pro license
  • Proven training skills with a track record of training both face to face and online. 
  • A good knowledge of sustainable practices within the garden/farm
  • Good organiser who has the ability organise and plan effectively.
  • Innovative- The role requires someone who is good at problem solving, able to be resourceful, creative and is imaginative with a group of people.
  •  Flexibility and adaptability- the role requires the ability to adapt and adjust the training by having a good understanding of the group dynamics and their needs and abilities.
  • Able to analyse and synthesise information- An ability to understand the training modules and adapt them if necessary, for their own country without losing the main learning points covered in each module.
  • Excellent written and communication skills are required including the ability to create and use tools for presentations and make use of online training platforms 
  • Ability to plan- The Gardeniser Trainer needs to plan the agenda, lessons, and activities so that all the modules are covered sufficiently and in a well-timed way
  • Ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.  

The Gardeniser Trainer, though a period of apprenticeship in a pool of trainers, has also matured a direct experience in using his/her knowledge and experience alongside the modules, units and activities that make up the Gardeniser Pro training