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Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete
Fournes, Chania, Greece

Nearly 20 hectares of land are waiting to welcome you, full of fruit trees from all over the world, herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants in a park different from others, where the land’s formation...

Maravel Botanical Gardens
Spili, Greece

We welcome you to visit our beautiful four-acre (13.000m²) medicinal herb gardens, especially in spring and summer. When you enter the garden gate, especially from April to September, you will find...

Orti Urbani Valle dei Casali
Roma, Italy

i nostri orti sono ubicati in Roma via Palaia 201(stradina bianca chiusa alla fine degli orti), vi aderiscono 260 soci, la concessione è in parte Municipale e in parte privata in comodato di uso...

Orto giardino del ben-essere
ciampino, Italy

L'orto/giardino del ben-essere nasce con l'obiettivo di "riabilitare socialmente" le persone che lo frequentano. E' sito all'interno della Comunità "Il Chicco". Luogo per persone disabili con ritardo...

The Edible Gardening Project
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The Edible Gardening Project is based at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and shares horticultural knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for growing food with diverse communities.Our team of community...

Coplow Street Grow Site
Birmingham, United Kingdom

The Coplow Street Community Garden in Ladywood, Birmingham, has 26 plots where members of the 500-household community can grow fruit and vegetables.

The site was transformed from old garages on the...

St Raphael's Edible Garden
London, United Kingdom

St Raphael's Edible Garden is situated on a piece of derelict land on the largest housing estate in Brent. The idea of the garden was developed by local residents with support from Sufra NW London - a...

The 13plus project community garden
Louth, United Kingdom

There are a mix of raised beds cultivated with flowers and vegetables, a vegetable plot and a small orchard.
We have recently introduced a pond and intend to create a quiet space for reflection.

Orto Giardino Urbano di Aguzzano
ROMA, Italy

L'Associazione di promozione Sociale "RappOrti Urbani" gestisce dal Gennaio 2015 l'orto giardino urbano di Aguzzano (subentrando al Centro di Cultura Ecologica associazione fondatrice dell'orto nel...