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I am a Volunteer Co-ordinator with Anaka Women's Collective who run a weekly growing group in partnership with Grow-NI. Grow is a community garden based in North Belfast on a peaceline at the edge of a public park called the Waterworks. Started in 2008, Grow is a small charity working with communities to improve health and wellbeing and social connections via community gardening and nature connection. It’s as much about growing community as it is about growing food and flowers. We bring together people who are isolated, experiencing mental or physical health issues, and those who just want to spend a bit more time outdoors. We also deliver training and develop outreach initiatives aimed at engaging communities. Anaka Women's Collective is an organisation set up and run by migrant women in Belfast with the aim of supporting each other, sharing skills and mutual aid. In partnership with Grow, Anaka are supporting their members to become involved in their community and have access to green spaces and fresh food.

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