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I've been working in Krakow Municipal Greenspace Authority since 2015 as a manager of the team "Kraków in the greenery". The aim of my team is being close to the inhabitants. We fulfill this mission by active listening to them, collaborating and, many forms of animation activities addressed to residents and carried out in green spaces. In 2017 we started the program “Krakow’s Community Gardens” which enabled inhabitants to start their gardening adventure. I've taken part in many European projects what enabled me to know better the diversity of urban gardens across the Europe and explore this phenomenon on many levels. I share my knowledge and experience with both gardeners and officials, knowing how valuable the latter's support is to the development of urban gardening and the future food sovereignty of cities. My dream is to put into practice the idea of the common city. I strongly believe that only in the city for which we share our responsibility we will live happily.

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