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My Name is Roisin Murray-Gibbons and I am a retired lecturer in Hospitality and Tourism. I have always loved gardening and volunteering in my local community and so when I took early retirement, I began volunteering in a local community garden and later I joined the committee. I have been an active member of Social Farms and Gardens N.Ireland for a number of years and am part of a local network of community growers and involved in a steering group with local stakeholders to promote and share knowledge about the role of community gardens and green spaces. I am the current chairperson of 'Green Spaces Community Growing Project', a community growing and wellbeing project. I am passionate about the important role that community growing and community engagement has, for ones physical and mental wellbeing.
I believe spending time and looking after our green spaces and being in nature, are more important now than ever for all generations. By encouraging everyone to grow some of their own produce, not only is it good for their health but with food scarcity and cost of living increasing and impacting for everyone, growing your own food is so rewarding. I also love working with volunteers and members of the public encouraging them to sow, grow , cook and share their food and this simple gift of sharing from nature, is so rewarding.

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