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Vincent facilitated over 50 workshops, events, tours, and exhibitions in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, & London since 2008. Topics ranging from architecture, urbanism, geopolitics, sustainability, education, community building, direct action, leadership and management. 


Architect-by-training (B. Arch) and working as an Project Manager with 15+ years experience in five separate industries, Vincent excels in strategic planning, resource management and organisational change. His unique skill-set, tool-set, and mindset are readily deployable across sectors, making him a valuable asset for any organisations seeking for sustainable growth to instantaneously gain a competitive edge.


In his free time, he is involved with local social farms and gardens as a volunteer-facilitator. He holds a number of green credentials and certifications including Permaculture Design, Pediatric & Forest School First Aid, and Gardeniser. He completed a 5-week NetZero Future Bootcamp from London South Bank University, as well as a number of business management micro-credential related to sustainability from Westminster University and Open University. He is trained and certified to safely operate a number of agricultural implements including farming tractors and HGVs up to 32 tonnes. 


He is interested in the topic of development of urban cottage and edible gardens, revival of village life, renewal of de-industrialised towns, and building of intentional communities in big cities. He will begin his post-grad study (MSc in Sustainability and Adaptation) at the Center of Alternative Technologies's Graduate School of the Environment in Mid-Wales this September.


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