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Having spent many years in healthcare management, I have returned to what I am most passionate about: nature, equity and food sovereignty.  I am currently Project Managing a community garden in my local town of Llandysul/Pont Tyweli (in rural west Wales).  Yr Ardd (the garden) is volunteer led, and in my paid role I cover a wide range of tasks from policy development, grant writing, garden design and infrastructure implementation, managing volunteers, working with other organisations and gardening.  The highlight of my week is working with the volunteers, and this is what keeps me grounded.  Alongside Yr Ardd, I co-own a small farm which is developing as a care farm/wild place. With a background in nature friendly farming, I am witnessing how the land is regenerating; nature led, human enabled.  I enjoy working with others, on the land, facilitating connection with outdoor places and removing barriers so that we can all develop our own unique relationship with place (feeling rooted). I would welcome working or supporting others seeking to create community gardens or wilding small areas of land in urban and rural settings (for the benefit of humans and more than human world).

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