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Versatile designer and educator with over 20 years of experience in environmental conservation and improvement on an architectural scale, with a long-standing interest in participatory and public art in regeneration, arts in health initiatives, neighbourhood renewal, community safety, youth engagement & work with community groups. Capital improvements, vocational curriculum development, planning and delivery.
Events management. Making surroundings conducive to inclusive activities for learning and play, building on innovative social programmes which link directly to the growth, care and use of plants, raising awareness of sustainability, biodiversity, soil fertility and waste management, links between wildlife, food, public health & wellbeing. Development by creative and critical thinking for garden design.

Providing sustainable garden design and maintenance, including publicly accessible community gardens, offering programmes of practical workshops in kitchen gardening and supported sessions in design and growing for food, wildlife and wellbeing, for any small domestic spaces and larger public or private projects.
Based on ecological and sustainable principles, connecting people & places through practical gardening sessions. Raising awareness of all aspects of growing and the use of plants; Seeds, food, drinks, cosmetics, household use, textiles and structures. Encouraging wellbeing & healthy lifestyles.

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