Virtual tour community gardens Rome

1 July 2023

Virtual tour realized in 2022 in the context of CAPPERI Common Agricultural Policy, Peer Educational Resources in Italy, project funded by IMCAP Programme of the European Union.

The overall objective of the CAP-PERI project was to improve the information and awareness of citizens, especially young people, about the CAP and its social, economic and environmental implications both at national and European level. CAP-PERI shed lights on how the Future CAP strategic Plans will be the instrument to achieve the Green Deal goals, how they will support EU policies in managing the transition towards a sustainable food system and in strengthening the efforts of farmers to contribute to the EU’s climate objectives and to protect the environment.


Formaciónes GenerActor 2024

Ya está disponible el programa de formación de GenerActor para 2024 en Colombia. Los ciudadanos de Banquilla interesados...
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Generactor está en línea!

El proyecto GenerACTOR y, en particular, sus acciones formativas, se enriquecen con una herramienta adicional. Se...
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Mapeo de las huertas comunitarias en Colombia

El mapeo se realiza con el propósito perfilar la realidad dinámica y múltiple de las huertas urbanas comunitarias en...
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