" Centre d’animation de Font obscure " sets up cultural evenings in the direction of a local public.
This is free theater taking place in the garden under the olive trees.
Theatrical performances are offered by the Theatre Companies in exchange for a rehearsal room made ​​available by the entertainment center.
This year, the company "Les Nains du Sud" is granted in exchange for a representation of their adaptation of Don Quixote, June 22

Aims and Outcomes


  • Develop cultural evenings in the direction of a local public
  • To value the system of exchange of favors


The first performance will be given June 22, 2012.
It will then be possible to indicate the concrete results observed.

What makes it a good practice or tool?
  • Innovative character (and therefore attractive) of practice: making theater in the gardens
  • Access to culture by "the garden entrance" and access to the garden by "the cultural entrance"
  • Provide an opportunity to access the garden to people who are not users
  • Show open to all (free entertainment)
Step by step

Course of the evening:
18h30/20h30: Public reception, picnic, “friendship cocktail”, musical entertainment
20h30/22h: Representation - show
22h/00h: Storage

Human resources:
A security guard for the evening 18h30/22h30
The team Font Obscure
Associations of the garden

Technical means:
Stage area with lighting, theater troupe
garden lighting, 4-5 spots loaned
invitations, posters, communications department of the Town Hall

A security guard 4h
Meals actors
Drinks for the “friendship aperitif” 


Skills related to the function of Territorial Animator).
Particular the competence of proposal writing (technical, technical, ...)

  • Attendance index (number of people participating. On this type of event, from 30 to 100 people are expected)
  • Quality of the atmosphere of the event
  • The occurrence or non-incidents (technical or otherwise) at the event
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