Herbal purification with white mustard

A group of people eager to create their own urban garden in Rome joined together in 2012. The space chosen for the urban garden was the open air of CASALE GARIBALDI, an old house that had survived from building speculation in the highest density populated area of Rome, the Casilino 23 neighborhood. Unfortunately the analysis of the soil revealed that it was contaminated. Despite that, they didn’t give up on their project, but found a practice to rehabilitate the land. 







The use of a natural method to reclaim the land. 


The reclaim practice takes a lot of times (2/3 years minimum) 


Aims and Outcomes


Raise awareness among the municipal representatives about the need to create social urban gardens guaranteeing the citizens’ health.  

Encourage and open a debate about the pollution in the city and the ways we have to fight it. 


  • Awareness about the need  to analyze the land where vegetables are cultivated
  • Research for alternatives to reclaim the polluted land