We organize a monthly neighborhood brunch directly in the garden. It is a bring with brunch, that means everybody has to bring with something for the brunch, especially homemade food.

Type of Tool
Aims and Outcomes
  • to bring the neighborhood closer together
  • to talk about gardening (How does the neighbor work in his garden?)
  • to talk about subsistence
  • with music or talk and having brunch together
What makes it a good practice or tool?
  • it brings the people of the neighborhood closer together
  • the people get suggestions what they can make by themselves
  • it has a nice and relaxed ambiance 
Step by step
  • Open to all garden visitors
  • Advertising
  • Announcement of a special highlight
  • Possibility to get involved (voluntary work in the garden)
  • Possibility to have talks in a pleasant ambiance
  • Provide drinks / buffet
  • Afterwards cleaning an tidying up

How to organize an event.


Have a meeting afterward.

It depends on the weather (if the weather is good many people will come).

Tested in different gardens.