Sponsorship for planters (Berlin)

District of Berlin: Prenzlauer Berg / Street: Oderberger Straße

In the course of road construction a citizens’ group and the city council made an agreement for the further design of the pavement.

The city council provided 55 mobile planters. The citizens founded an incorporated society (“Bürgersteig e.V.”) which organise the care of the planters.

The city council is still the owner of the planters and pays the bill for water.

The inhabitants can create the planters according to their own wishes but have to pay the plants

Type of Tool
Aims and Outcomes
  • increase of biodiversity (biotope for insects)
  • optic effects (embellishment of the urban district)
  • increase of the sense of responsebility for the urban district
What makes it a good practice or tool?
  • With less money the inhabitants can create a garden direct in front of their house.
  • In a big city (which tends to be anonymous) inhabitants have a better chance to come in contact with their neighbours.

An association of inhabitants is necessary, because the tool is only appropriate for large areas (a street, a square, ...) and requires negotiations with the city council.