Sponsorship for tree pits (Berlin)

Tree pit = area around the trunk base.

In Berlin the pits along public roads are in ownership of the city. Often these pits are in a bad condition (compacted soil, polluted by dirt). The inhabitants are asked by the city council to pour the trees and to plant the pits.

The borough office advises (if desired) which plants are useful.

In addition some boroughs close a contract with the gardener. Advantage of such a contract: a rapid problem solving is possible (if inappropriate plants were used, if further instructions are needed, ...).

Type of Tool
Aims and Outcomes
  • improvement of the soil (reduced desiccation, aerated soil, ...)
  • increase of biodiversity (biotope for insects)
  • optic effects (embellishment of the urban district)
  • increase of the sense of responsebility for the urban district
What makes it a good practice or tool?
  • With less money the inhabitants can create a garden direct in front of their house.
  • In a big city (which tends to be anonymous) inhabitants have a better chance to come in contact with their neighbours.
Step by step
  • Selection of a pit
  • Selection of appropriate plants (if needed: after consulting with the borough office)
  • Contract with the borough office (not necessary but recommended)
  • If needed replacement of the top soil layer (without injury of the roots of the tree!!)

Knowledge which plants are appropriate.