Your personal trainer

CAMPAGNA AMICA has developed an Italian network of urban gardens. Those who are part of it have the possibility to ask for a personal trainer which follows and helps them during all the steps of the implementation of the garden. The trainers are farmers associated to Coldiretti, technicians (agronomists) or retired people that were associated to Coldiretti. The service requires a payment of 50€ for each visit, otherwise the trainer is available on the phone or present in the Farmer Market of Campagna Amica twice a week, in these 2 latter situations people who need an advice can go in the Farmer Market and meet the farmer-trainer or call him and having, for free, the little advice they need. It is in progress also the creation of a network of nursery enterprises that could offer technical tools for the garden to a good price.

The Coldiretti has developed the service in almost all the Italian regions, the urban gardens belonging to the network are almost 100 in total; we can find private gardens as well as shared garden.







Every week there is a new urban gardens that adheres to the network and asks for a trainer. The gardens are very different: from a garden in a nursing home, to one on the balcony.


To further spread the practice of urban gardening is something still difficult, especially in suburban areas.


Aims and Outcomes


To have a personal trainer allows the creation of more solid urban gardens realities from a technical point of view. On the other hand the trainer develops his own network of gardeners and he is recognized as an expert. Also, the service is a real work with which the trainer can earn money for him.


After only 6 months from the beginning of the service the requests were multiplied, proving that there is a real need for a personal trainer, especially for people who start gardening for the first time.

People that have already used the service continue to call the personal trainer for advices and suggestions. The service is regarded as very useful also because of the possibility to meet the personal trainer or call him for little problems. In this way good relationships are built between the gardeners and the trainer. Moreover this kind of service can become a real work for the trainer that can add an income for himself.