Garden in a bag

The garden in a bag is an innovative way of gardening if you only have a tarmac surface or small space. On a balcony for example.


  • Increase the crop yield.
  • Easy access gardening if no green spaces available.
  • Nomadic installation.


  • Bags (e.g. builder’s bag, rice bag).
  • Soil & compost.


  • Get a builder’s bag (to be asked for on construction sites) or for smaller dimensions a soil bag or a potato bag.
  • Fill the bag with 30-40 cm of compost and put your first seeds/plants.
  • Water the bag everyday.


The success of the production in the bags (often very good).

The development of new bags in the garden.


Type 1 (bag with adjustable height)

You fill in a layer of soil and a layer of potatoes. According to the the plant’s height you add more soil. The higher the plant, the higher the bag.

Type 2 (bag with fixed height)

At the beginning you fill in a layer of soil - potatoes - a layer of soil - potatoes - soil - potatoes - soil until the bag is full.

Important: You have to cut small holes in the bag. The potatoes of the lower level will grow not only vertically but also horizontally!